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Dangers in Downloading

There are some things to be careful with when reading forwarded emails.  On this web site all the emails; especially ones that re-direct you off site are carefully screened using up to dozens of different virus scanners.

Although every effort is made to ensure there are no viruses or tracking programs embedded in these off-premises sites, there can be no guarantees since the condition of the unknown site may change at any time without any notice.  Therefore, you are advised to check any site from which you are downloading with your own virus checking software. This is particularly important when downloading forwarded emails from sites that may have come to your in-box from friends and acquaintances but obviously even more critical when viewing unsolicited email from strangers.

Ways to Check Emails

Some forwarded emails will contain for example, a movie or a Powerpoint presentation that you are asked to click on to download. Clicking on any of these will take you to some unknown, distant site where viruses and trackers could be waiting to invade your computer. An excellent on-line program for checking forwarded email web sites is Virus Total. The best part is its FREE. This program with check both suspicious files AND websites. Click on the ad below to go to this valuable resource: